2-Storey House Design 8x13 m. Contemporary Split Level with a Modern Japanese Concept

 Homeshabby.comBuilt with a size of 8 x 13 meters, this house has a split-level concept. Adopting Japanese style and concept, giving a calm atmosphere to this two-story minimalist house. For details, see the review below.

Contemporary house design

The design of the house that uses a sloping roof looks stunning. The front of the house that has a carport certainly makes you feel safe to store the vehicle and protect it from erratic weather conditions. And the remaining yard can be used to make a garden so that the atmosphere will be more fresh and natural.

Back view

From the back appearance of the house, it can be seen that there is still space. You can make this back area for laundry, patio, or garden areas. According to your needs and desires.

Guest area

As the name suggests. This room is reserved for reception areas. The earth tone design and insulation of wood elements make the appearance more natural and distinctive of the Japanese house style concept.

Living area

While living area can be used for family gathering area or receiving close relatives. The minimalist and simple design makes the living area comfortable to use to relax. Moreover, windows as ventilation and access to light from outside make the atmosphere more pleasant.

First-floor plan

First-floor features:
  • carport
  • courtyard
  • guest area
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • bedroom
  • 2 bathrooms

Second-floor plan

Second-floor features:
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • balcony

Source : Youtube - Desain Rumah Kediri (DRK Team)

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