6 Cute Succulent Plants That Inspire All


Homeshabby.com -- The idea of decorating a beautiful house can not be made from the interior and furniture. You can also choose succulent with a variant shape that looks beautiful and adorable for a small space corner.

Popular and impressed tropical, succulent plantings will be distributed specifically for you. Here are 6 inspiring cute succulent plants.

 Haworthia fasciata

Plant by : dreamplants.bali

In this plant is still a kind of aloe vera. Quite different shape is small. Has a smooth leaf with a fatter shape. Make sure this plant always gets sunlight with sufficient soil moisture level.

Euphorbia Mamilaris

Plant by : rumahkaktusku

Cactus species that very one of them is the cactus euphorbia mamilaris. Has quite a lot of stems covered with small spines the color is a thick green with a slightly rounded shape

 Sansevieria Cylindrica

Plant by : preangertropicalnursery

Is a type of planting sansevieria with smaller shape. hard-leafy with a slight yellow color on the edges. Place it in the corner of the room that can give the impression of tropical more felt.

Jade Plant

Plant by : kaktusu--ask

If you want to decorate the room looks beautiful jade plant you can buy. The small tree is able to support beautiful and refreshing leaves and flowers. besides refreshing being a beautiful miniature for the room of this plant you can make a sweetener room

Echeveria Setosa

Plant by : dreamplants.bali

Succulent plant than can flower not only in autumn have a lot of variety. For this one looks mini with pale green color ready to decorate a small corner of the house.

Sedum Morganianum

Plant by : succulentsuz

This plants is know as grape cactus. The shape of the leaves resembling grapes grows fluffy. For this type of plant is very suitable to be placed hanging at home. Make sure the acceptable temperature of this plant is good enough in every summer and cold.

Try to decorate the room with tropical concept. Succulents can give the impression of beautiful, sweeet and best decoration to try.

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