Ways To Make The Most Of Tiny Outdoor Space


Homeshabby.com -- Often the outside of the house is not rarely used for other uses. For examples for garden or relaxing area. Some outdoor areas are left behind and eventually give the impression of monotony and boring. However, you can avoid this by making the most of the small outdoor space to give it a different and relaxing atmosphere.

Design by : rumaholif

Void area to relax

Small corners in the house are not rarely left without useful uses. This kind of thing you can switch to relax with your beloved family. Because it has open lighting with a dominant outdoor atmosphere, a small area in the house as it looks suitable for gathering with family or having a small party. 

Design by : rumahfavoritku

Terrace house as a relaxing area of cement cast seat

Regarding the outdoor part of the house, you can channel creative ideas for the sitting area and also relax. Quite easily you can use the cement cast as a seat that is given a ceramic finishing on it. Add also with some plant that can give a fresh taste. Especially with the cool outdoor atmosphere like this will certainly be a pleasant to gather with family or beloved friends.

Design by : rumah_ayudia

Back garden of the house with fish pond

The cool atmosphere is  refreshing and like the garden in general you can try to apply it at home. No need for large land to make the garden at home look beautiful, you can make a fish  pond by adding a collection of favorite plants. Beside being comfortable to relax or drink coffee in the afternoon, the flow or water that splashes from this fish pond can provide relaxing for you when tried from working all day. 

Design by : rdyunita

Houses that have rooftops area usually only used for dry cleaning area only. But the decoration this time is very different and make good uses of the land. The owner uses this area for drying and also a place to put his collection of plant. So that the rooftop atmosphere feels amazing you can this area for gymnastic with your family and beloved husband.

Design by : mela_andayan

Garden in front of the house

Having a collection of plants in front of the house has been widely applied and this is not a problem to try again. You can create a garden design in front of the house with ornamental grass expanses to cover the beautiful impression and more aesthetic like garden in general.

Design by : dhian_setyarini

Side terrace of the house with fish pond

Placement of fish cabbage around the house can indeed affect the atmosphere . It is not uncommon for homeowners to put fish in the front area. But in addition to the front or back of the house, you can put a fish pond on the side terrace of the house. Besides fun this area is usually open plan with family room and kitchen. Of course thee outdoor atmosphere like this is very interesting if tried. 

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