Awesome Balcony Ideas -- Outdoor space privacy at home is indeed a comfortable place to relax even with a small size. If you are one of those who like the relaxing atmosphere around the house or in the room, just decorate it with some table chairs and beautiful lamps that are comfortable and relaxing for day or night. Well some, this amazing balcony idea can add reference to the next home balcony idea.

Balcony ideas by : modelrumahsederhana

Balcony facing the cool rice fields

The expanse of plants in the rice fields can be your best view when relaxing on the balcony of the house. No need to be luxurious, just put chairs and tables and beautiful wall decorations make this balcony look comfortable to use. 

Balcony ideas by : homedecor2509

Balcony of the house with plants

Laying varied plants on the balcony of the house is certainly a pleasure in itself by some people. Instagramable style can also be seen from the decor of this balcony. You just have to hang plants that can used as a view when relaxing in this area. 

Balcony ideas by : sitha_wulandari

Balcony house suitable for young couples

Looking privacy, the balcony this house is quite attractive with the presence of bar chairs and lounge chairs you can add with pillows and fabrics. Summer is perfect for relaxing in the area with a refreshing glass of orange squash.

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Balcony with romantic decorative lamps

Not complete if you have a balcony in the house without utilized for joint activities. Design this time describe the dominant romantic atmosphere because of the presence of lights.

Balcony ideas by : rumah_azaga

Very seats with on a small balcony

You don't have to go all the way to enjoy the summer by going to the beach. Minimalist budget is one of the ways to creatively design a balcony home. Put a garden chair with a lid that adequately protects the heat of the sun. Jus use one table to make it functional to put fresh dishes in the summer.

Balcony ideas by : nurummieka

Balcony of the house place in a minimalist corner

It's not a small place to make the area of the house more beautiful and fun. The small space on the balcony of this house is one way to decorate this area with plants as a relaxing area. This minimalist exterior comes with a airy and comfortable impression.

Some awesome balcony ideas above you can try at home by paying attention to size and furniture. This design may inspire and be a consideration to renovate the balcony at home.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for design inspiration home plans. May you be facilitated sustenance in building your dream home.

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