7 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas That Are Look So Awesome


Homeshabby.com -- The living room is always in the first area after entering the part of the house. Not only to receive guests, this room can be used for the family room, reading area to watch TV with your beloved family. To realize a beautiful living room you can add some decorations to the choice of room furniture. Touch that can reflect the personality of the homeowners, will be the first notice by guest who come. That way some amazing looking living room wall decorating ideas you can try to apply.

Living room by : sanovisetyowati

The decoration of this living room chooses a minimalist interior with white color that can give the impression of airy in this room. To give a raging look, just add it with family photos or painting that are earthy and more coloring to present a beautiful and homey impression.

Living room by : rumahkuningnyasachilla

Yellow is gradation of color that can give a cheerful spirit and impression to the owner or guest who come to this living room. Not only the walls area given the same color, the sofa in the living room is also chosen yellow color to give a harmonious and more charming look. Add with cushions that area quite attractive character patterned as seen.

Living room by : myyversionofzen

Because the large air vents, this living room is not only beautiful but also more refreshing without stuffy. To reduce  the impression of boring on the walls of the room, you can put displays or painting with natural nuances to make it more raging and beautiful when in view. Uses sofa in the form of letter L if the living room in the house is small and quite minimalist.

Living room by : maysarah25_81

No need to luxury with the presence of a sofa in the living room in the house. you can use the long chair of the rattan and add cloth wraps for more charming ethnic impression. You can decorate the walls of this living room with plants in the corner of the room to add freshness more natural and shooting.

Living room by : ekaa.rahayu

Displaying a natural impression in the living room can indeed provide a more dominant freshness felt. In addition to plants you can combine natural stones on the wall  of this living room as the above display. Although this simple living room looks more awesome and charming.

Living room by : arumfitriandari

Minimalism with elements of white and gray is a beautiful combination to try. In addition to giving a bright and spacious impression on the space, interiors like this displays a homey atmosphere with the impression of lazy to move away from this area. Pay attention to the rupture and room is awesome with the walls decorated with various plants and collections of home decor.

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