Very Small Kitchen Ideas On a Budget

 Picture : @anethparintosa -- The very small kitchen is included in one of the spaces with expensive and time-consuming processing and manufacturing costs. Want to save on small kitchen manufacturing costs? A simple small kitchen design might be your solution. Various simple kitchen designs can be presented through material selection to layout arrangement and utilization of existing spaces. 

If you are still confused about what kind of simple kitchen design is suitable for your home, here are various simple small kitchen design inspiration to help you create a simple kitchen with a limited budget.


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Applying many details and various kinds of finishing will indeed make a simple small kitchen design cost a lot of money. So, there's nothing wrong with trying to get rid of details and colors in a simple kitchen design to save costs. The trick to getting rid of the monotonous impression, you can use textured material with white on the backplash. Afraid to being expensive ? Relax, you can work around this with a choice of ceramics with carrara marble motifs or solid surface which are more affordable.


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One of the kitchen materials is a strong kitchen set that makes a very small, minimalist kitchen last longer. As much as possible, choose materials that have the lowest price but have high quality, alumunium kitchen sets can be your choice. The simple model with the separation of the top kitchen with storage cabinets makes your kitchen more organized. You can beautify it more luxuriously by layering flower sticker or striking colors on the cabinet.


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Indeed, removing details can simplify the process of making a cost-effective kitchen set. But, to make a very small and simple kitchen design still attractive and eye-catching even without details, you can play green, which cools the atmosphere while cooking. The selection of attractive color gradations in the kitchen combined with green ornaments and white room colors makes this simple. Ordinary kitchen design extraordinary.


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Until now, wood material is still the choice of many people to make a kitchen set. For that, why not present this wood in a different form but still functional in a very small kitchen design that is easy to find and includes cheap. To make this wooden element stand out, You can apply white color to the walls, floor and ceiling of your tiny kitchen design.


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Even though you want to apply a simple kitchen design that is very small at a low cost, that doesn't mean you can make the kitchen lose its functionality, namely the storage area. For that, you can get around the design of your small kitchen by replacing hanging kitchen cabinets with open shelves, and applying wall shelves to open cabinet in the kitchen. This can reduce the use of materials and also keep the kitchen able to accommodate many items.


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