Beautiful and Functional Small Laundry Room, Transform Your Space Now


Picture : @akarumah -- Have unused space? Turn it into a useful and attractive laundry room. Taking advantage of the small unused area that is availabe, is actually enough to make this laundry room. A good laundry room design is functional and efficient for all laundry activities. This space must be designed in such a way as to make it look neat and not seem messy. Here are some beautiful and functional small laundry room designs to make your room more optimal.

Picture : @nova_krisna

The white color concept with sunflower accents that adorns this indoor laundry room is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye complete with clothes hangers that area easy to move. It does not need to cost a lot, just put a series of pipes as a detergent container storage rack on top of the washing machine which does not take up too much space. 

The floor area is also made an area for the flow of water from the rest of the laundry to keep the room looking clean and not slippery for activities.

Picture : @samantha_kurnia

The outdoor small laundry room design blends in with the ablution area. The empty space with an open concept without a roof that you can use for your garden can also be combined with a small laundry room, simply by placing the washing machine close to the ablution area in the corner of the area.

The walls look natural, from half a meter unfinished natural stone, as well as brown tiled floors, gravel for ablution water absorption and ornamental grass in the garden area. So that the laundry room design still looks eye-catchy, you can put a variety of hanging plants and mirrors for an airy impression.

Picture : @evienion

Small laundry room measuring 2 x 2 m accented with natural white brick foam wallpaper. You can place this empty space in the back near the kitchen, garden or bathroom which tends to be more safety and efficient.

The space becomes more beautiful and functional because besides being able to wash, you can also use it at the same time for a semi-outdoor drying room and ironing room, filled with natural decorations from the placement of plants such as monstera, sirih gading which is believed to provide essential coolness.

Picture : @rumah_ciel

Have an unused hallway? just put the washing machine if the width of the space matches the size of your washing machine. Laudnry room does not need a wide space, just use the space-saving hallway as a beautiful and multifunctional laundry room.

In order to be resistant to rainy weather, you can add a polycarbonate canopy as a protection for the drying area that you place on the wall to make it less monotoonous. Meanwhile, to make it more beautiful, plant vines to live thoroughly into the dividing wall and mini planter above the washing machine.

Picture : @mamadiahdee

More spacious space, more fuctional as a multipurpose laundry service room. with a transparent roof concept, equipped with storage cabinets, folding irons, washing machines and clothes baskets that are neatly arranged on one side of the field.

The white nuance with light reflection from the glass roof can make the atmosphere of the laundry room energy efficient and not humid. The use of random black and white ceramic makes the room look less stiff and boring for washing.

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