5 Magic Way to Design Small Living Room to Feel Broad

Comfortable and beautiful living room by Homeshabby.com

Homeshabby.com - The living room is a place where we entertain friends or relatives who come to our home. We must try to make guests feel comfortable in our homes, one of which is to decorate the living room to make it look spacious and of course beautiful to look at.
Homeshabby.com will provide a sophisticated way so that your living room feels spacious, in terms of decoration and of course the arrangement of space. Check out the photos of the living room below and this can be an example of how to make the living room feel spacious and comfortable.

Modern Living Room 

1. The first step is to arrange the living room in a place that has a wide view, one of which is the position of the living room is parallel to the home garden.

Mirror In Living room

2. Mirror makes the views in the living room feel spacious and can make our guests comfortable and at home in our home.

3. The combination of decorative lights, choose a room lamp that is not boring and has a bright light, this makes our living room feel spacious and beautiful to look at.

4. Choice of sofa that fits the size of the living room, the sofa must be designed according to our expectations so that it does not measure according to the width and width of the living room.

5. The Room must be clean and fragrant, this is the key place so that our living room feels pleasant.

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