Brilliant Idea For a Small Living Room to Make it Look Bigger

Brilliant Idea For a Small Living Room to Make it Look Bigger - The living room is the place to receive guests at once to communicate with outside people. The living room is usually located in the front of the building of the residential house so the living room becomes the first room entered. This room is usually kept away from the bed to protect the privacy of the host, but close to the kitchen and dining room to facilitate the guest's service.

However, not infrequently we have a not so spacious room. For that you must manipulate the small living room to make it look spacious is to give the eye trick effect, it is aimed to show the room looks more spacious. Such a strategy can change the area that feels narrow and tightness becomes more comfortable and aesthetic-looking. One of the key is to maximize light and space, in addition to note the use of color, size and weight. This can make a difference.

Living room with design simple and elegant 
Living Room with classic design
Living Room with feminine design 
Living Room with pink and white domination

Living Room with black and white color

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