Tricks To Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Tricks To Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger -A comfortable bedroom is a dream of everyone. But many people are still confused by making a nice and comfortable room. Especially if you have the size of the bedroom is not too spacious. It would be difficult to design the room to make it look bigger. Well, for that we give you a trick that you can apply now. Good luck 😊

1. The Right Furniture Selection 

Don't over do in choosing furniture that will make your small bedroom narrower. You can choose a simple furniture for small bedroom so it won't take much place. You can hang the television so that your small bedroom is not narrow and looks spacious.

2. Choose Wall Paint 

Good wall paint selection will make your room brighter. You can choose wall paint with bright color like white, blue, cream, yellow. You can combination with patterned pillow so not looks monotonous.

3. Mirror Usage 

Take advantage of the mirror to make your bedroom look more spacious. The mirror can expand the bedroom narrower by creating the illusion of the room to be larger. A tips for you, positioning the mirror to the window light can increase the natural light in your bedroom.

4. Wallpaper 

You can add wallpapers with various patterns in one corner of the wall, such as the wall area behind the head of the bed. So can make doesn't look boring. 

5. Curtain 

You can choose a curtain that can be open and closed so that your bedroom looks more spacious. You can put the curtains in the top position.You can keep the curtain up to the floor, it will give the room a feel more spacious.

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