Perfect House Design for Family + Floor Plan -- A house design with a large size certainly has a more satisfying and comfortable space for the long term. Here is a modern-style home design idea whose interior feels very spacious and bright. For some details, check out Perfect House Design for Family + Floor Plan.

House facade design

This house design has a fresh facade with a white color selection that will appear matching with the garden in the front and side yards. The structure of the building is made interesting with a porch that protrudes more inward so that it can still have a roof that is made in harmony with the protruding part. The pillars in the porch area are also a dimension that makes the house look stronger.

Living room design

The interior is an important part of providing a comfortable facility for the owner. Combination of a sofa with several single chairs occupies a spacious room that has a large window so that it will help the lighting much better. The arrangement of shelves in the corner of the room will add a functional part and make items organized more concise and neat.

Kitchen and dining area

Kitchen and dining area were made to take a more private area at the back. The dominance of white makes the atmosphere calmer and is able to spread the light perfectly. The kitchen set is arranged with an L-shaped layout that leaves a very large space so that it has a very spacious room access.

Bedroom design

Even with large size of the house, there are only 2 bedrooms to pay more attention to the large space for the comfort of the owner. In addition to the bed, there is also a desk and toilet that can be arranged smartly and can be changed easily when bored.

Floor plan design

The overall size including the porch is 12 x 14.2 meters. There are several rooms as facilities such as, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, pantry, and laundry area. See the details in the picture above.






Source : Alibaba House Design

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