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The Best Ideas For Unique and Interesting Ladder Models

The Best Ideas For Unique and Interesting Ladder Models 

HomeShabby.com - The ladder as a vertical circulation connecting two different floors is an important element inside the house. Types vary from functional to high-aesthetic. The preferred type for a minimalist house ladder is the model of open stairs (without the wall flanked). With the Assembly and construction of the body carving artwork, stairs can be an interactive feature or part of the home furniture design.

The ladder is a staircase that serves to bind the stairs. Materials used to make mothers for example, such as reinforced concrete, wood, steel, steel plates, canal profile steel, also iron.

The combination of the mother of stairs and stairs is usually for the mother for example, reinforced concrete in the blend with the stairs of the wood board material, can also be both from the steel material, for the mother of the ladder using a channel profile to support the ladder Using steel plates.

A Ladder With Wood Material 

A ladder With Hanging Design

A Ladder With Wood Design

A Ladder With Natural Design

A Ladder With Modern Design 

A Ladder With Simple Design 

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