TOASTING - TOASTING 3 ways to Tuesday lunch style 😋 I know, eggs two days in a row but I love them. Also pesto/smoked salmon and cream cheese (dairy free)/cucumber/strawberries is a bomb combo! Happy Tuesday loves! Hope your week is off to a good start. My thumb is beginning to heal so that’s a good sign...if you caught my stories I wrapped it in a piece of black glove for my workout today 😂 still a little slow in the kitchen but thankful it’s not worse than it was. How are you today? Which toast would you go for first?


Sweet potatoes cut 1/3 inch thick and baked on 400 for about 25 minutes, flipping halfway. 1️⃣ @kitehillfoods cream cheese, cucumber, strawberries, sesame seeds and @seedsofcollaboration tahini 2️⃣ avocado and soft boiled @vitalfarms egg with @manitobaharvest hemp seeds 3️⃣ pesto, smoked salmon, egg, dill seed and basil. Egg is 6.5 minutes (see tutorial in highlights).