PALEO CHIPOTLE PLANTAIN FIESTA “NACHO” SKILLET - FACE PLANTAINING into this PALEO CHIPOTLE PLANTAIN FIESTA “NACHO” SKILLET! (Swipe for that yolk shot!) Happy Wednesday loves! Though I am not eating this right now, if you caught my stories I’m devouring a seafood cobb salad, I am still dreaming of it! Made a BUNCH of air fried plantains the other day (we still have leftovers!) and my boyfriend and I split this for lunch (well...sorta...I think I ate 72% of it 🙈) IT WAS DELICIOUS. You could easily just use baked or fried plantains as well. Hope you’re all having a fabulous day! Mine has been a little rocky to be honest, but making the best of it. Sometimes adulting is just a pain in the @$$ am I right?! Such is life! Do you like plantains?


Air fried plantains (cut up Plantain and spray with avocado oil, season with some chipotle powder, salt, garlic powder, onion power and paprika or just use taco seasoning then air fry for about 10 minutes on 350–flip halfway). Lay the chips in a cast iron skillet, brush with hot sauce (I used @sietefoods chipotle sauce) add some tomatoes and sliced jalapeños (and cheese if you want!) and bake it on 400 for about 7-10 minutes. Remove, top with greens (I used @lef_farms), avocado, fried eggs, cilantro and some crumbled cheese (I used dairy free feta cheese crumbled but any will do!)