Food Recipes : Thai Chicken With Cashews

 Thai Chicken With Cashews -This is especially true of Thai cuisine. Fragrant, spicy, bright, rich, healthy and oooh very tasty .

Today I want to share another of my favorite recipes - this is Thai chicken with cashews🥘.

Keep the recipe - the dish is really very tasty! 🖇


chicken fillet - 200 g

Keshu or almonds - 70 g

Carrots - 90 g

young corn - 90g

Onions - 60 g

mushrooms (Jell mushrooms are used for this dish) - 60 g

large pod of chili pepper - 5 g

Green onion - 100 g

garlic - 2 heads

soy or sunflower oil for frying - 3 tbsp

Oyster sauce - 2 tbsp or fish sauce - 2 tbsp

sahar - 1 tsp

Cooking time - 30 - 40 minutes.

2 servings.

Let's go! 🚀

1.Cut the ingredients.

• Cut the chicken into pieces.
• Carrots in semicircles.
• Mushrooms in thin slices.
• Corn along the cob.
• Chilli and chives cut into small pieces.
• Chop the garlic finely.
• Chop the onion thinly.

2 .Prepare the roasting sauce. Mix soy sauce, fish sauce or oyster, add pepper, salt and water 1.4 cups. Mix everything.

3.Fry the cashew nuts, add the garlic to them and stir fry until golden brown.

4.Adding chicken to the pan. Continue to fry until cooked.

5.Add all the vegetables and pour in our sauce, add a spoonful of sugar to the mixture. Mix thoroughly. Sprinkle with chili sauce on top and simmer constantly stirring.

6. Make sure vegetables are crispy and juicy.

7.Sprinkle the dish with green onions.

8. Serve with boiled rice.

I like that despite the fact that fried chicken is a very healthy and healthy dish👍. Vegetables retain all the benefits, and the chicken is juicy and aromatic.

The dish is both sweet and salty, very harmonious in taste.

Who will cook the chicken with me? 🤗 Be sure to try making this recipe at home ❤❤❤