Food Recipes : Eggplant Salad -Eggplant Salad

• Eggplant 3 pcs.
• Fresh tomato 3-4 pcs.
• Adyghe cheese 200 g
• Vegetable oil 2-3 tbsp
• Soy sauce 1-2 tbsp.
• Walnuts to taste

Preparation :: For me, the perfect combination of eggplant, tomato and Adyghe cheese or cheese is still the ideal one. I often cook such an appetizer in the form of turrets. But sometimes you want a salad. And the same ingredients can play in the salad with new facets of taste. Moreover, salad as a dish allows a lot of liberties: if you wanted to - added sauce, nuts, herbs, seasonings, etc.
This time, at the last moment, I added walnuts to the salad, because they are not in the initial photo.
If you do not like soy sauce, then do not use it, just remember to salt the eggplant when frying.

1. Everything is simple - you need to cut the ingredients with medium-sized cubes.

2. Now the eggplant needs to be fried.
3. Note that I did not soak them in salt (I never use saline solution at all, I will salt it beforehand, then drain the resulting liquid). I noticed that today eggplants are practically not bitter.
4. So, in a frying pan we heat vegetable oil, over high heat (yes!) Quickly fry eggplant cubes, stirring often.
5. Literally 2 minutes before the end of frying, add soy sauce to the pan, mix, finish the frying.
6. Of course, with the use of soy sauce there is no need to salt the dish. Set aside the finished eggplant, let it cool slightly while we chop the rest of the salad ingredients.

7. We cut tomatoes and Adyghe cheese (or cheese) with the same medium sized cubes.
8. It remains to combine the eggplant, tomatoes and cheese in the salad bowl.
9. I didn’t season salad. I think that there is enough oil from frying eggplant - the salad will definitely not be dry.
10. Thinking a little, I supplemented the salad with chopped walnuts