Job Purpose:
The main role of the Security Inspector is to perform access control and patrol duties. Responsible to ensure that no unauthorized person and vehicle enters the controlled areas. Accountable for the patrolling of the perimeter on site and secure the safety and security of human beings, valuable materials and classified documents pertaining to the premises.

Job Responsibilities:
To efficiently liaise with the contracted Security Personnel on site.
To ensure all instructions issued from Management are adhered to.
Handover/takeover of duties will be done in the occurrence book.
This will include all company equipment e.g. two-way radios, keys, visitor’s cards and register book.
Record all vehicles that park after hours, in front of the main building this include visitors and staff in the parking area must be recorded using the vehicle register book.
Complete the daily inspections sheets.
The rest of your shift you must do access control and patrol duties.
Report incidents, problems or irregularities to the appropriate authority.
Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of persons and vehicles to (from) premises.
Call police, fire or medical services in cases of emergency.
The following reports and feedback forms must be completed and hand over to Management: (A) Building inspection patrol list; and (B) Vehicle control sheets (parking).
Do room inspections to see if rooms conform to health and safety requirements.
Inspect all fire equipment.
Diploma/technical course/trade certification in any related course.
Fire Fighting course is a must.
Firs Aid Trained.

Experience & Skills:
5 years’ experience in compatible function and facility.

Ability to handle stress.
Ability to relate to staff at all levels.
Excellent spoken and written communication skills.
Effective in time management skills.
Be always alert and ready to deal with security emergencies.
Ability to encourage and motivate people.
Be able to profile people for suspicious behavior, movements and dangerous situations.

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