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SCCT © is a commercial wing for a non-profit organization that combines a wide range of expertise specialized in enhancing security and resilience capabilities for public and private organizations. SCCT provides:
1. General consultancy services
2. Technological solutions
3. Safe, secure, smart and resilience cities/communities solutions
4. Command and Control Center Architecture
5. Research & Development
6. Training & Competency Assurance Programs
At SCCT, we are committed to provide the best and cost-effective practical solutions for addressing the most challenging business environments. We work closely with our clients in building their organizational competencies, capabilities, knowledge and skills in their quest for long-term sustainability and transfer of knowledge.
The SCCT Team combines a group of national Qatari professionals with expertise in building security and resilience capability. The management of SCCT has always placed the importance of building its business in alignment with international standards and best practices as one of its priorities. The SCCT team has international consultants with world-wide experience across many industries.
Additionally, the Center offers all services relevant to building resiliency systems from inception to completion. Such services assist clients in their quest to meet respective legislative, international and industry requirements.
The IT Team at the SCCT has successfully built a variety of technological advanced, practical and effective solutions to achieve better outcomes in enhancing national and community resilience.


we are looking for Qatari IT graduate
Become one of our consultants
Executive Director Business Development
Executive Secretary
Admin Assistant
SharePoint Development Specialist
IT Manager
QA & QC Project Manager
Continuity and recovery Training Advisor
Marketing Manager
Training Curriculum Development Specialist
Mobile App Developer – WebRtc

Please send your cover letter & resume to: contact@thescct.com

Website : https://thescct.com/careers/