Candidate will be responsible for the prevention of unlawful interference and protection of Amiri Flight aircraft, passengers and its crew whilst in operation in Qatar and all outstations.

The role:
Carry out pre-flight and post-flight security checks.
Carry out thorough searches utilizing equipment such as explosive detectors, metal detectors and search mirrors.
Process Immigration and aircraft access control.
Prevent breaches of aviation security in the area assigned.
Respond to any incidents in the vicinity of the aircraft.
Provide immediate response to any call for assistance from the pilots or crew.

Applicant should have:
A highest level of security awareness.
Abilty to report to duty 24/7 on short notice.
Investigations and surveillance skills.
Be well groomed and presentable.
VVIP/VIP Protocol and cultural awareness.
A Military/Police/Aviation Security background.
Ability to communicate, read and write English.
Good computer skills with knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
General aviation knowledge.

Interested applicant may apply to: recruitments@amiriflight.gov.qa