The Best Job Search Sites of 2019

The Best Job Search Sites of 2019

Job search websites are online search engines that give consumers access to numerous job postings. Users can use filters like job title, location, and estimated salary to narrow down their search, and then apply for each individual opening. Users are encouraged to make an account so they can upload a resume, keep track of their applications, and be notified of new, potentially interesting positions. Depending on the kind of posting, users may apply for the job opening through the third-party website or be redirected to apply directly on the company’s site. Job search websites typically offer additional features such as career advice, company information, and resume help.

Job search websites are an incredibly useful for prospective employees to apply for jobs from the comfort of their own homes, or even on the go. Many job search websites will keep users in the know regarding their application status. Most of them will also offer career advice, which can range from resume help to interview tips. Finally, company information and reviews can help consumers veer towards companies with positive feedback and steer away from potentially fraudulent ones.

When comparing job search websites, it’s important to consider two things first: the website’s model and its focus. Some job search websites are aggregators who will redirect interested users to a company’s own webpage, while others are job boards where companies post their openings directly. Most modern job search websites incorporate aspects of both models to stay relevant and provide multiple choices to users. A job search website might not have any particular focus, as is for the industry’s leaders, or it may specialize in job opening and companies from a particular sector, such as IT or finance. Consumers should make sure they are using the job search website that is most appropriate for their employment needs.

One thing to avoid when looking for job search websites is older, inferior websites that may no longer compare with larger competitors who feature a a variety of postings. Avoiding websites that focus on industries you are not interested in is a given as well. Another thing to keep an eye out for are job search websites that don’t protect your personal information once uploaded onto the site. Most websites will charge companies for looking at a user’s resume and contact information. However, some may leave said information unguarded for anyone to find and use to their liking. Job Search Site
Number 1 job site in the world
Free job search, resume posting, and company research
200 million unique monthly visitors
Filter quickly and accurately
Career advice, job profiles, and company reviews Job Search Site
Over 80,000 tech positions daily
3 million technology professionals registered
Detailed and flexible job search filters
Online salary predictor
Tech news, insights, career toolkit, and career path advice

 is one of the best and updated job opening websites that has been trusted by job seekers in Canada, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Australia and US.
Free Search New jobs, 1 million unique monthly visitors
Information on job vacancies is updated with official email from the company and job seekers can send jobs directly.

Idealist Job Search Site
Specifically tailored for non-profit work
100,000 organizations, including NGOs, charities and social enterprises
Search jobs by cause or social issue
Volunteer and internship opportunities
Remote/telecommuting positions (both paid and unpaid)

LinkedIn Job Search Site
Search jobs based on title, location, keywords, and more
Track the status of your job applications
Total network privacy
LinkedIn Premium career features
Message recruiters directly
Online video courses

Glassdoor Job Search Site
Search and post jobs for free
Browse employee-generated company and CEO rankings
Over 40 million unique users
Substantial job filters