How To Make Perfect Cheesecake

Cheese cake usually be found in pastry shops or cafes at your place. Cake creations have always adapted to the tongue fans. Lately, many people who try to make cheese cake with Oreo cookies. Oreo cookies are used as a snack creations of food and drinks was always produces interesting dishes. For those of you who have never tried this practical cake dish, you can imitate practically cake recipes and this one at home.

Tools are prepared

    Grated cheese
    Small glass or other tools as a shaper / cake mold

The materials were prepared

450 ml of water (about 3 cups)
150 gr cheese
2 packs of milk powder
1 small cup sweetened condensed milk
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 pack of Oreo biscuits full size

How to Make a Lava Oreo Cheese Cake

    Separate the cream and Oreo cookies from roughly mash.
    Cook water and enter the milk powder, cream Oreo, half of the cheese and a cup of sweetened condensed milk over low heat.
    Stir until boiling and then add the cornstarch that has been dissolved in water.
    Lift the dough if it thickens.
    Pour the mixture into the mold alternately with Oreo cookies that have been pounded so it looks layered.
    Decorate the top with cheese and Oreo cookies are left then put in the refrigerator.
    Oreo Cheese Cake Lava ready to enjoy your creations!