South Africa Decor : A series of designer interviews

Here at Design Store we've been a major fan of a French blog called The Socialite Family. As their own catchphrase states - "A sample of smart and cool families". Their blog is all about interviewing and taking award-winning photographs of creatives within their own homes. We like the idea of seeing what these designers have done with their own personal spaces. It's also refreshing not seeing overly-styled rooms (the photographs seem very true and honest) and getting to know a little bit about the designer and his/her family. Nothing against studio photos, but we just like the look and feel of what The Socialite Family have achieved. Perhaps check them out and fall in love with their brand too.

The designer interview series will be conducted by fine artist and all-round creative genius Brett Charles-Seiler. So Brett is the guy on the ground visiting Design Store designers in their homes, chatting to them and taking the beautiful photographs that you'll see on our blog. 

Since Design Store is all about bringing the consumer the best in South African design, all of the creatives that you'll get to know through these interviews are South Africans. 

We hope that you enjoy this series of designer interviews.