outh African Art & Design Faces Of A Woman

Cape Town born, New York City based artist and founder of llounique by MLK, Marie-Louise Koen has described her first solo exhibition ‘Faces of a Woman’ as a bold collection of portraits exploring  the facial expressions of a woman.

Each face depicts an emotion, a moment in time illustrating a different facial expression on a woman’s face. This is shown through the direct relationship to the subject matter seen in the actual facial expressions of various woman  and then through the artist’s own expression and emotion at that time, shown in the expressive use of colour.

Marie-Louise’s narrative is drawn from all periods in her recent life as a young woman between New York City and Cape Town, with different moments and experiences bringing a series of emotions – some where she was unable to physically express them and others where she couldn’t help but to express them “like in those times when you laugh so hard it hurts”.

Some of the women in her collection are emotionless, with only their eyes capturing your attention therefor evoking emotion in the viewer. The bold and expressive use of colour in these instances is what makes the piece captivating, allowing the viewer to evoke their own emotion and expression from here .

Faces Of a Woman  is on show in Cape Town at Latitude 33 pop up gallery, 165 bree street from 2nd March 2017 from 5pm  – 10 th March 2017.

Credit : elledecoration.co.za