Look at 4 amazing South African gardens 2017 and patios and explore the diversity of design

As South Africans, we all know how important our outdoor spaces are. They are where we relax in the summer months with a good book or host a braai with friends. It's where we play with our children in the fresh air and sunshine. It's also where we sun bathe or swim in the pool.

This is why it's so important that these spaces are not only aesthetically appealing but that they are functional too. 

1. The classic style

This classic little terrace and garden area features a low wall, with trellis fencing on top. This is a great and functional element as it creates privacy and security without making the outdoor area feel cramped and crowded.

The neutral colours in this space are perfectly complemented by the little green trees, which bring together nature and modern design.

Tip: Wrought-iron garden furniture makes for a very Victorian style outdoor area.

2. Modern wood

his little outdoor area features chic and stylish wooden fencing, with creepers that run up it. This creates a beautifully modern and refreshing design, where the natural wood and green plants work in harmony with one another.

Tip: Choose tiles for the flooring of your outdoor area for a very simple and functional design.

3. Box it in

Surrounded by a wooden structure that creates little vertical shelves throughout, this little terrace is an isolated space where you can truly enjoy being in the fresh air and sunshine.

The shelves allow for personal items, flowers and lanterns to be put on display. Even your outdoor area should have some personality and charm!

Whether you're furnishing a garden or a terrace, opt for durable and high quality furniture that as comfortable as it is stylish. 

In this design, we can see how the wooden furniture is topped with cushy and cosy blue pillows. These can be moved inside when the owners of the house aren't using this outdoor space.Remember that your furniture should last in all weather conditions!

Credit : https://www.homify.co.za/