African Decor 2017 : As a result of the Damp House

Humid air will be a favorite breeding spot fungus. As a result, the detriments yag can arise, namely:

The atmosphere in the house was hot.

Various contents of the house are made from home more quickly obsolete. Wood is very susceptible to humidity, which can lead to decay. At home damp, wooden furniture such as desks, chairs, cabinets or doors and windows more quickly obsolete and damaged.

Damaging photographs, letters or painting. Can grow mold on the objects that will make damaged.
Electronic equipment also be easily damaged because timbulnay fungus on the electronic adalam.
Wall house look dirty and unattractive due to the growth of mold. Or also on the ceiling which leave marks like scars water flow.

Can damage the health of residents. Cough or allergy is some mungin be caused by the proliferation of fungus on damp house.

The cause of the damp house

A damp house can be due to several reasons, among them:
Circulation is not good. The absence of a good air exchange, causing the air in the home increases the water content.

Leaks in the plumbing or sewer.

Weatherproofing. Precarious due to leaking and causing water to enter rain can make the air becomes moist.Water storage is pretty much at home. Pool or tub is a place that holds water. This may increase the amount of water content in the home is higher.